International business contracts

Entering the international business environment is very tempting but might be not so easy procedure. Based on certain type or model of business or country of business we support our clients with creating the business cooperation. We create the contract, we discuss with your business partner and you and specify as your business works. As the contract is important at the beginning, so is important also keeping eye on executing business.

International business meeting assistance

Practical experience for years show us the importance our presence on business meetings with client formal or informal so be a part of whole proceeding of business creation. We are open to attend on your meetings anywhere around the globe. Within business life we are attending international trade fairs and exhibitions with our clients and potential clients.

Evaluation of business partners

We are able to evaluate your business partner, his bank and international rating, to protect you before doubtful and curious subjects and waste ireaseonable costs.

Company governance around the world

There is lot of countries where your business might be more efficient than your present country. Is legal to not pay taxes in the way how we know taxes. We can provide our clients with consulting and advisory about tax environment and legal systems around the world. We can propose the structure of your business cross borders and be with you by foundation and also existence.

Our clients tasking us with creation of international structures and with governance of these structures.

International arbitrage

We are representing our clients in arbitrages and we can consult by choosing arbitrage court or amendments.