Tax authority disputes

Tax office fine, tax collateral assessment, value added tax registration refusal or other situation are the business daily practice. We are well experienced within tax law so we can provide our clients with advices and assistance how to face or deal with situations of different opinions of tax authorities.

So as every citizen, so state authorities are obliged to obey law and we are able to stand on your side to enforce this right. We take the stand on your behalf every time it is necessary and possible.

There are many doubtful state authority decisions cause and damages.

Tax optimization

Business strategy is often obstructed with tax and custom law. We are focusing on tax and economic affairs, domestically or abroad yearlong. We are able to provide you consulting and planning, to prevent any law or administrative unexpected provision, and your business would be executing properly.

International tax consulting

International business and or trade is challenge within European Union or in third countries. Without professional assistance and proper consultants might bring many threats.

After years we are experienced in many different legal environments and had built huge framework of professional and business contact worldwide. We can assure liable platform for you planning or existing business in countries in the world.

Tax audit assistance

Tax audit is very rigorous legal procedure by tax authority. We are representing our clients by tax audits so they have room for doing their business. We know your rights, and also the rights of tax authority, so we are keeping obeying the law from both sides and noticing any breach of law. We are representing our clients fully in the process of tax audit so client do not need to pay any attention to this process.