Business relation analysis

Our qualification and experiences are exceeding legal scope at all. We have real experience in many economic sectors such as banking, commerce, Manufacturing. Agriculture, state authorities and also NGO. Huge scope of our knowledge gives our client advantage of very special and customized services that are often taking part in whole creation of business projects of our clients.

By analyzing business situation we are delivering very complex consulting across all point of view not only from the jurisdictional.

Business and legal schemes creation

Keeping eye on business trends and new options within business environment gives us ability to support our clients with actual and new schemes to make their business more efficient and profitable.

By consulting we give detailed options and client chose according to risk and costs. 

You will never receive answer “No” or “impossible” we always find a solution and we are liable for all our advises and statements.


There is hige scale of damages that arises by business that cause damages. Damages need to be applied and force it. Damage that can be claimed is not just direct damage but lost gains and profits. There are two parties in each relation – aggrieved party and damage feasant party. So there is one whom the damage rises and one who the damage caused and is obliged to compensate.

The liable person might be corporation, state, official authority, business partner.

There are situation that you are pushed to reimburse damages without any legal title and whole claim is illegal. So these situation are those that you need to know detail your rights and need follow the law with argumentation and have professional legal defense. Entrepreneur pays damages for quick and difficult process to defense these claims. It raises huge costs without any reason.