Designing bank products for executing business projects

Small or Huge investment project related to huge financial issues. Usage of own financial sources is very inefficient concerning that there are available sources on the financial market. Project with perfect business plan are drowning mainly facing the financial problems. Financial sources are available, more or less expansive but available. We can design the structure of using banking or non-banking products to finance your projects. We are able to plan the investment strategy and to assist on bank meetings.

Our economical department is always ready to analyze and report situation, according to get financial sources from the bank or market to execute the business projects.

Bank guaranties, letters of credit or bill of exchange are legally very difficult tools but are very useful for business.

Bank negotiation worldwide

Investment or operational financing needs a complicated procedure to communicate with banks. We are overtaking this problem from our client and representing them on meetings home or abroad.


Cryptocurrency became part of our lives. These currencies, starting with Bitcoin are very important pillar of business. How to dispose with cryptocurrency, how to tax it, dig it or trading it, those are questions we are answering daily.

We are involved in cryptocurrencies from the very beginning of the firs cryptocurrency – Bitocoin as Satoshi Nakamoto publishes his theory in 2009

Payment service providers and payment systems

Payment service providers as subjects allowed to proceed payments outside banks, are very efficient tools for business and for transferring finances.

We were standing by foundation and governance of two payment service providers and e-money institutions. We detail know whole proceeding of foundation, operating and merging of payment service providers within Europe or world.


All segemnts and parts of our advisory so consultancy we are fully able to represent and defend our clients in court or other institutions. Dispute are the last option how to solve problems so we advise it as a very last option.